Emelia Hartford

Actor • Producer • Car Builder/ Driver

Emelia Hartford is versatile and multi-talented SAG-AFTRA Actress, well known in the Automotive industry for her Award Winning Driving capabilities and Social Media Influence. From on screen appearances Hosting Velocity’s SEMA: Battle Of The Builders to Premiering in the upcoming Season 2 of Netflix’s “Fastest Car”, Emelia is a force to be reckoned with.

As a Level 7 Alumni from iO West, she continues to study her craft. Emelia has also appeared in Featured Films such as “From Mexico With Love,” Directed by Jimmy Nickerson, and “Nightfall,” Directed by Dave DeCoteau.

As a Content Creator and Influencer, Emelia independently Hosts her own Youtube Channel, where she Builds and Races a broad genre of cars. She is also Co-Host in the notorious Supercar Channel, DailyDrivenExotics. Accumulating millions of views each month.

Acting and Driving have always been Emelia’s true passion. Off the track (and off of set), her drive to go above and beyond to do everything it takes to accomplish the goals she sets for herself doesn’t stop there. Emelia happens to be very well diverse, her biggest hobby being racing and modifying cars. She personally enjoys doing all of the mechanical work herself. Emelia is also an avid Snowboarder, Wakeboarder and has traveled to various states across America as a competitive Rock-Climber.


“Emelia did a wonderful job. She took direction well, was punctual and professional. I highly recommend her.” – Dave DeCoteau